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June 12, 2017
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July 13, 2017

In a sphere often known for the humble brag, we don’t like to blow our own trumpet too much over social media. But when it comes to reaching the goals that our customers set us to achieve, it’s nice to get a moment to tell the world how the organisations who choose to work with us have found success through our partnership.

Over recent decades, brands such as o2, Freemans, Capita and Sky have chosen Yorkshire as a base from which to host their sales and/or customer service call centre operations. Owing to the excellent pool of talent, the friendly accent and the strategically located premises, all have found success in their operations in the area.

Working with an increasing number of these, we have been successful in creating and implementing recruitment strategies for large volume recruitment campaigns; sourcing, interviewing and deploying hundreds of candidates for vacant roles.

Unlike regular recruitment requests; call centre needs can often require tens of candidates to be selected, interviewed and employed in one wave

This week we wanted to highlight a success story with our client CC33.

CC33 is a unique call centre operation nestled in the heart of Sheffield. Offering flexible sales and service solutions to companies in industries ranging from utilities to insurance and health-care. Owing to their unique take on client satisfaction, their client-base has grown throughout 2016/17.

Recognising the need to on-board an additional 70 staff in their 200 desk Sheffield operation, they partnered with Staff One to search, select and recruit the staff that would be needed to support two new utility contracts.

Due to our needs being substantial, we have previously had to take a multi- agency approach to getting the staff we need into the business. We recognised that we needed to partner with a recruiter that would be able to take responsibility for our needs and provide a consistent and effective service that would relieve us of the aspects of recruitment that had heavy time and cost implications.

We selected Staff One who have provided us with a steady stream of successful candidates who continue maintain the service we provide to our clients.

Staff One have taken responsibility for online and offline marketing strategies, interviews and assessment days for our hires. Their support will bolster us in delivering the service synonymous with our brand.

Judy Unwin – Client Services Director, CC33


We’re proud to make sure that our customers can do what they do best and alleviate the burden of finding the very best people to work with them to achieve it.  We’re always interested in working with organisations who ask “how can Staff One help us do more”. If you would like to ask us what we can do for your business through our Sales, Industrial, Construction or Engineering teams, we’d love to talk. Lets start with an email to


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