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October 16, 2017
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We supply hundreds of workers to sites across the UK every week. Far from being just a contingency service, agency labour now underpins many development projects and enables incredible projects to reach completion every day.

Few if any of our clients have an unlimited number of trades and labour personnel that they can call on throughout their projects to ensure that work gets completed on time. We act like an outsourced labour division that can be accessed to find workers where and when they are needed anywhere in the UK.

There are a number of reasons that our service works incredibly well for our clients and often, our biggest task as a business is covering all of the features and benefits of what we do.

Today we wanted to illustrate why contract/agency labour works for so many companies and why, regardless of the reason, we are able to provide a responsive and viable service that truly works.



Different stages of the construction programme on any given site requires different numbers and skills of staff.  Staff that are required at the beginning, middle and end of a project often vary and as such, it makes sense that companies hire and off hire these as the need arises. Having people or equipment on site that aren’t being utilised is bad for business and productivity. We plug the gap here by providing skills when and where they are needed throughout the lifetime of a project.

Contingency and short-term staff also have the advantage that once a project is completed, there are no staff remaining that the client is obliged to relocate or to find alternative work for. The solution is totally flexible. Workers are not contracted to the client but instead to us, with this being the case, the only hours that our clients pay for are the hours that our staff are on site working.



Competition is good. It makes sure that people who pay for developments get the best possible value, it also makes sure that smaller or younger companies that want to undertake a development get an opportunity and that bigger and more established groups don’t monopolise the market. Through us, our clients are able to tender for bigger, challenging projects in the knowledge that a lower number of staff on their books won’t be a limiting factor.



The fortunes of any business go up and down. Needs change and in the construction industry, certain types of work predominantly take place at different times of year owing to weather and seasonal restrictions like education, retail and civil projects. The simple fact is that some times of year are busier than others. Hiring staff “on the books” means that regardless of the flow of business, as an employer you are still responsible for the wages of permanent staff. Having an external labour partner means that high workloads can be managed and in quieter times, unnecessary staff can be withdrawn from site.



Planned and unplanned absence alike leaves gaps in the schedule of a project. All staff are entitled to take holidays and unplanned absences happen and can’t be avoided. For this reason; gaps in the workforce can be quickly filled with equally skilled agency workers who are able to step into the void in the short-term for periods ranging from a single day to continuous on-going placement.



The location of a companies main office and the location of their latest project may be miles apart. We often bridge the gap and make sure that local labour is used on sites run by companies that aren’t local. forward thinking developers will use our services to mobilise a local workforce to provide opportunities for people that can get to sites with ease and alleviate their own core staff having to travel long distances to projects each day.


Whatever the reason, location or profession; we’re keen to talk to construction businesses about the service we offer and how we can tailor a service to suit you. Contact our Construction and Development team today on 03300 53 56 00 for any requirements across the UK.

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