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We'll take the hard work out of your recruitment process. To get us started we just need a small snippet of information to direct your vacancy to the right team and to get an idea of your needs. Within minutes of submitting this information, we will be in contact with you to fill in any blanks and to set to work on your recruitment process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What happens next?
Once you have submitted your requirement we will contact you to find out a bit more about the vacancy. We will make sure we have all of the right tools to enable us to find the best people quickly and effectively for you.
2What information will I need to give?
We will ask a series of questions to find out about your business such as your company registration details and your position within the business to ensure that we have the authorisation and facility to support your needs. Most of the hard work will be done by us and we'll just send you a copy of our terms of business to approve before we begin our service.
3What if I don't have a written job description?
That's not a problem, it's all part of our service. In fact in some instances we won't need one at all. If you have one, it could be helpful but if not, we can produce one for you.
4What if I prefer a face to face discussion about my vacancy?
That's fine, in fact we love to do things in person. We can work remotely and many of our clients prefer it this way but we like to take the time to visit you whenever it can be accommodated to make sure we build a great relationship!
5How will I be charged?
For temporary and contract staff we will invoice you at the end of each week worked. Our standard payment terms are 30 days and you are able to pay us by cheque or bank transfer.

For permanent search and selection, you will be invoiced when your chosen candidate starts work with you. Our payment terms are 30 days. A rebate facility is in-place should the candidate leave you before they complete three months in the role, offering you piece of mind in our process.