About Us

We’re proud to introduce ourselves as a dynamic and capable Consultancy, serving the UK


Staff One was founded on the principle of delivering a unique and consultative recruitment service to clients across the industries we serve. In many instances we act as an extension of our clients HR department, understanding them and their needs and enabling them to achieve and surpass their objectives and in turn, their own revenue.

Ours is a hassle free and simple solution. Regardless which of our services they choose to engage, the complicated processes are left up to us, leaving our clients unburdened and with the confidence to know that as a specialist, their needs are being strategically catered to.

Health & Social Care

Nursing and Support staff across the healthcare spectrum. Providing people to homes, hospitals and community care environments.

Construction & Development

Site and project based staff across the building spectrum. White collar and Technical staff for the design and engineering aspect of the Building Industry.

Commercial & Executive

Sales, Executive and Marketing professionals within the office environment.

Industrial & Engineering

Across processes covering production, manufacturing and distribution. Mechanical, Electrical and Production professionals for on or off-site projects.

Our Services

Companies need to focus on their strengths in order to prosper. Our strength is people.

From recruiting and hiring to onboarding and training, we exist to help make workplaces work.

Whilst we source, train and employ thousands of workers across the UK, we are also redefining what it is to be a leading staff services brand. 

Our largest area of service provision is responding to our clients’ short-term needs with the supply of temporary staff. In order to cope with peaks in business, seasonal trends or skill shortages, many companies look to us in order to bridge the gap in their operations.

Finding the right people to grow and support your business is critical, often there isn’t the chance to get this wrong. Search and selection carries with it a large burden of cost and time, even for businesses with a dedicated HR team.

For those without, recruitment means taking management focus away from the day-to-day operation. Our turn-key service means that everything up to the stage of providing a shortlist of suitable candidates is taken care of by us and we only charge as and when we have successfully delivered the required employee to your business.

The recurring responsibility of maintaining an accurate, timely and compliant payroll can often detract from the day to day running of any business without a dedicated payroll team to manage it.

Payroll often requires investment in systems, training and time. Many companies find value and support in outsourcing the payroll function of their business process to organisations like Staff One.

For a minimal fee we provide a service that is reliable and above all; secure and trustworthy with the added benefit of improving cash-flow.

We have a demonstrable track record in working in a consultative capacity in producing tenders, applications, proposals and reports within the HR, Recruitment and Staff spectrum. Even when traditionally handled 100% in-house, there are often occasions when organisations can benefit from working with an external party to achieve specific goals and objectives.

The UK represents a highly sought after talent-pool for skilled and qualified professionals many major public and private sector organisations across the world seek to benefit form the superior qualification of UK nationals.

With our considerable database and access to the country’s leading job boards and candidate databases, we are in a perfect position to help international businesses with their search and selection of talented individuals.


Our 360° service enables us to assist with each stage, from search and selection through to placement. We understand that working across borders, cultures and time-zones brings an added facet to the recruitment process, however we understand the reward than can be brought from the export of skilled professionals.


Our Team

We believe in finding the best people for their best place and in doing so we aim to reflect that in the Recruiters we employ and the environment in which they work.

We rise by lifting others

Working for Staff One involves challenges and dedication. Our staff are rewarded with continued personal development, structured career growth and opportunities to earn, learn and develop.


To balance out the responsibility and expectations of our team we provide considerable social benefits, an innovative and exciting office atmosphere and unique approach to being happy in the workplace. Our flat organisational structure mean that everyone gets a say in how the company is run and everyone’s opinion counts


As an REC Accredited member, we partner with the Staffing Industry Confederation to train and monitor our team to ensure they set the standard in a competitive industry.

Trusted by some amazing brands

We’re proud to be judged by the companies we serve and the brands and organisations that choose to work with us.