A corporate structure that fosters collaboration and encourages innovation. 


On the surface Staff One is a clear and consistent organisation with a simple aim – excellence. Behind our growth and development is a complex corporate and commercial structure which supports our aspirations for the future. 

Since 2016 we have worked tirelessly towards building up an inner working which will foster stable growth. We have developed an operational structure which allows us and our clients to achieve and surpass our objectives. 

In an industry of thousands of businesses competing to be the most successful in their field, we have developed a corporate strategy that includes people and organisations outside our business to ensure that we meet the expectations of our stakeholders. 


UK-wide service provision


Recruiters with half a century of experience


200,000 registered candidates

Partnered with the best

In order to be our best, we have to work with the best. 

Delivering a multi-million pound service would be impossible with a number of specialist partners who exceed in their sectors. 


Since our inception, we have sought out blue-chip leaders to work alongside in ensuring that we meet stringent operational and regulatory standards. We aim to be a leader in our industry and to this end, we seek to work with leaders that we can trust and rely upon.  


Protecting our people has always been our highest priority. With a workforce across a range of sectors in safety critical roles has required robust and comprehensive insurance products.


Facilitating hundreds of weekly and monthly salary and wage payments requires a robust and reliable banking arrangement to ensure that our people are paid accurately and on-time, every time.


We are only as good as the technology we employ. A business with technology at it's heart and an ever growing technological asset has led us to purchase our own tech infrastructure and hardware to power our business whilst being secure and reliable.


As part of the Apple Developer Program we develop apps across Apple platforms. With its comprehensive set of tools and resources, we build innovative and successful applications for the HR spectrum.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Community is at the heart of our business. We rise by lifting others. Whether charity, sponsorship or support, our CSR goals have never been higher. We aim each year to give back and help others.


The Childrens Hospital Charity

We support in raising and donating money to make a difference to the lives of young patients and their families. From their base at the Children’s Hospital, Sheffield – The charity supports children from across the UK and Europe, whilst being at the forefront of care and research. 


Wakefield Athletic JFC

Football promotes action, fitness and teamwork, key values of Staff One. We fund and sponsor grass-roots football teams to promote and encourage this. 


Mindful Employer

Employers have a significant role to play in fostering a supportive and inclusive environment that prioritizes employee well-being. We partner with the NHS Mindful Employer scheme to introduce and encourage the support of people in ours and our clients’ employment.