Mission Statement

We are a recruitment specialist that takes pride in service, response and communication to all parties involved in the recruitment process

It is our aim to seek out and work with leading companies and supply them with the human resource to help them achieve their corporate aims and objectives. It is our vision to set a precedent within the recruitment and employment spectrum by not only being a dynamic and innovative employer, but also by helping our clients to be better employers also. We draw passion from pairing incredible people with incredible companies.

Corporate Values


Managing Director's Statement

I have forged a career around recruitment and people management. From the off I have been passionate about working with individuals and teams to achieve a recognised goal.

Following many successful years within the Recruitment Industry I founded Staff One with the intention of capitalising on the many opportunities to improve companies through the people they employ. We respond to the need for permanent, flexible and temporary staffing needs of a growing number of companies. I have seen bad and good within the industry and the clients it serves. I have personally worked within the Recruitment Industry through turbulent times; through the market downturn of the 2000's and seen it through profitably, if not completely unscathed. It was a natural progression that Staff One would emerge.

My intention for the future is to bring our different and dynamic brand to the forefront of the recruitment industry to find recognition and reward for the things we do. I believe that we have fine-tuned what it is to be a good employer and that in turn our team of recruiters are positioned better to recruit than many in the market.

Since our inception we have successfully supplied hundreds of staff to companies, the results of which have been financial and operational development. Staff One candidates have built buildings, they have completed major I.T, Marketing, Sales and Industrial projects; and for us, the company pivotal in placing them, we feel a huge sense of accomplishment.

I'm confident about our future and the opportunities that await us. As a brand we are growing and as we grow, we continue to invest in people and technology. As a small, independent group, we are agile and adaptable and I believe this consistently gives us the edge on our competitors and allows us to deliver.

Managing Director

We rise by lifting others

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is gaining an increasing importance within small to medium businesses like ours. Where once community investment was the domain of the larger corporate entities, companies like ours are now asking ourselves how we can enrich the communities within which we work.

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Quality and Compliance

Our capacity to deliver results is reinforced by the recognition and certification we strive to achieve to underpin our service.

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