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September 24, 2020
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January 18, 2021

As a business, our first five years of life have been focused on building and developing. Turning a small consultancy into a rapidly growing, award winning national Recruitment business.

Our next five years will focus on continued growth and the continued improvement of our processes.

With this in mind; we are proud to announce that we have become a Corporate Member of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, The REC.

Over the coming years, the REC will help guide our corporate policies, train and educate our staff and keep us up-to-date with developments across our sector. Most importantly, the REC will act as a governing body, in place to ensure that we operate with compliance and professional manner and will provide our operations team with legal and procedural support to improve the way we work.

The REC represents thousands of recruitment professionals and businesses and works to improve the experience of the staff and organisations they work for. Since being founded in 2000, the REC has gone on to set a benchmark in the way that businesses within the HR, Recruitment and Employment spectrum operate.

By being accredited members, we intend to use our new resource to improve the way we work and to support our plans for staff, branches and growth in the coming years.

As members will observe the highest principles in our professional conduct. We run our business in a way that enhances the reputation of the recruitment industry. Our new partnership will provide us with guidance, legal advice and training so our business can achieve these high standards.

Being ethical is not just about meeting legal requirements, it’s about being honest, respecting others, acting with integrity and being socially responsible. It is behaviour that will hold up to public scrutiny. As a member of the REC, we will support and uphold these values.

REC members are recognised for their professionalism and the value they provide to clients and candidates.

The Code helps recruiters get it right. It goes further than the legal obligations and makes sure we are always acting ethically. By displaying the REC logo, it’s a sign of quality. It tells candidates and clients that we have passed our Compliance Test and adhere to their Code.

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