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January 6, 2020
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We make no secret of the fact that working via an agency isn’t for everyone. There are many differences to working via an agency versus working or dealing directly with an employer.

Permanent employees will find the experience of working via an agency slightly different than directly applying to a company as their will initially be some privacy about who the employer actually is. This is the case for a number of reasons, primarily because the employer doesn’t want to handle the task of sorting through applicants or handling the lengthy task of shortlisting and reading through CV’s which can often number into the hundreds. Ultimately, though, the end result is that the right candidate is matched with a role and then the agency takes a step back and leaves the employer/employee relationship to blossom as it would in any direct employment situation.

In this blog, however, we’ll be looking at Temporary/Contract Employees who work for a company only for the duration of a particular project, time of year or for a prescribed duration.

Being a temporary worker has its perks, often in the construction or engineering sectors temporary work pays slightly more than “on-the-books” counterparts. Temps often have a lot more flexibility in coming or going from a role as there is less, contractually, to prevent “job hopping”. Across the board, temp workers tend to get paid weekly which suits workers needing to access money quickly and as roles are short term they can often sandwich nicely between other roles or into vacant time slots. This is why we often see teachers and students using holiday periods to gain some extra money by undertaking some short-term temp work.

On average, contract workers earn more than their “on-the-books” counterparts

The law regarding temporary workers has changed in recent years (GDPR 2016) so that for workers who are classed as temporary but have been with a business for an extended period of time have equal rights to permanent workers.

Many contracts often lead into permanent opportunities and also have no less standing on your CV than a permanent role. They offer the opportunity to gain new experience, work with new companies and projects and to add gainful employment to your CV.

Our friends at the REC have produced this handy infographic to illustrate the features, benefits and reasons behind being a temporary worker:

So whichever way you work, Staff One has a solution for you and your employer. You can find our current vacancies here or if you want to get registered and wait on us to find you an opportunity then you can register here.

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