Transforming Worker Transportation

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April 26, 2022

Despite our reputation for success, finding capable staff that can reach our client’s location isn’t always easy. Rising fuel costs, a changing employment landscape, skill shortages and unavoidable geographical challenges, are some of the many issues that we successfully overcome each time we place a worker into a role.

One of our largest sectors within Staff One is our provision of Industrial Workers to factories, distribution centres and warehouses. Across the UK each day, many businesses bolster their operational capacity by using staff provided by Staff One.

One of the biggest challenges our clients face is securing reliable and capable workers from within an often very specific catchment. Due to the nature of their industry, many of our clients operate in remote or rural locations, on industrial estates or in areas difficult to reach without private transport.

Over the course of 2022 we intend to increase our fleet of buses and add new routes to our service to support new and existing clients

We have spent recent months trialling our very own shuttle service for one of our clients, a major manufacturer in Derbyshire.

As part of our pilot scheme, we have purchased shuttle buses which provide free transportation to and from site each day. Our client has benefited from reliable transportation of workers to their door, access to workers from areas without suitable public transport and the ability to recruit staff who don’t drive. All whilst providing a free transport initiative which reduces overall carbon footprint and opens up the candidate pool to workers from further afield.

We come across many companies who run operations from remote locations or in areas where they have exhausted all recruitment from their locality.

With the successful trial of our shuttle service, we have been able to create a framework for an effective service to take people from areas of high unemployment or high social density and transport them daily to areas where there are greater employment opportunities.

Now we know that our approach is effective and sustainable, we’re planning on rolling out this service to new and existing clients across the country, and I hope to extend our fleet to 10+ buses over the coming year.

Overall, I hope that our unique approach will lead more companies with a need for effective staffing solutions to contact us and engage us to support them with their recruitment requirements.

Joe Latimer – Head of Industrial Recruitment – Staff One

Nearly half of employees are trying to persuade their managers to allow them to work from home more often to mitigate rising fuel costs, research has revealed.

A poll of 2,922 workers by Randstad UK found 45 per cent were pushing for more remote work amid the cost of living crisis.

In comparison, just a quarter (25 per cent) of workers said that the rising costs would not affect their working arrangements, while 35 per cent said they did not yet know.

Randstad’s findings followed a huge increase in the cost of petrol in recent months, with separate research from the RAC revealing that petrol and diesel pump prices rose by 11p and 22p per litre respectively in March.

The problem our clients require a solution to is that their operations cannot be undertaken remotely, so securing a workforce that can work daily from site, is non negotiable.

Given the recent increase in fuel costs, we are confident that as well as a convenient alternative, a communal shuttle service will provide a valuable and cost saving incentive for our workforce.

For further information about how Staff One could assist your organisation with meeting your staffing requirements or overcoming a recruitment challenge, please email [email protected] to request further information about our capacity to support your needs.

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