We’ve updated our privacy policy

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May 31, 2018
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June 4, 2018

Each day our staff manage thousands of individual documents and records relating to the staff and companies we work with. We pride ourselves on a secure, safe and legal operating procedure relating to the way we handle our data.

We wrote recently about the GDPR Legislation which came in to force last week which makes data held by European companies the most secure and moderated in the world. In line with this, we have reached out to many of our stakeholders and informed them of their rights and our responsibilities in order for us to continue to work together and uphold that high standards for which we’re recognised.

We have also taken time recently to refresh our Privacy policy which can be found HERE

We remain committed to maintaining the utmost clarity with regards to our data, our management, our policies and our processes. If you have any concerns or questions on this or any topic you can contact us by email: hello@staffone.co.uk or by telephone: 03300 53 56 00


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