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August 31, 2023
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January 15, 2024

2024 brings a shift in the British holiday landscape, with changes to statutory minimums, calculation methods, and carry-over rules impacting how we all approach annual leave. But fear not, intrepid explorers, for this guide will equip you with the knowledge to navigate these changes with confidence.

Headline Changes:

  • New Accrual Method for Part-Time and Irregular Hours Workers: From April 2024, these workers will accrue holiday based on a percentage of their actual hours worked (12.07%), simplifying calculations and ensuring fairer entitlements.
  • Carry-Over Rules: The temporary COVID-19 extension ends on March 31st, 2024. Any unused leave under this scheme must be taken by then. Regular carry-over rules remain, allowing up to 8 days to be carried over with agreement.
  • “Rolled-Up” Holiday Pay for Part-Time and Irregular Hours Workers: From April 2024, employers can choose to pay a lump sum for accrued holiday instead of accruing it throughout the year, offering flexibility but requiring clear pay calculations and transparency.
  • Carer’s Leave: Expected to launch in April 2024, employees will have a day-one right to one week of unpaid leave to care for a dependent with long-term care needs. Exciting news for work-life balance!

Implications for Workers:

  • More Predictable Holiday Entitlement: The new accrual method simplifies calculations and ensures fairer holiday accrual for part-time and irregular hours workers.
  • Clearer Understanding of Holiday Pay: Transparency in “rolled-up” pay calculations is crucial. Ask your employer for details if concerned.
  • Limited Holiday Carry-Over: Use any remaining COVID-19 carry-over leave by March 31st, 2024. Plan your holidays accordingly!
  • New Leave Option for Carers: Carer’s leave provides important support for balancing work and caring responsibilities. Be aware of your rights when the scheme launches.

Implications for Employers:

  • Adapt to the New Accrual Method: Update your payroll systems and communicate the changes to your part-time and irregular hours workforce.
  • Transparency in “Rolled-Up” Pay: Ensure clear calculations and documentation if opting for this method.
  • Monitor Remaining COVID-19 Carry-Over: Inform employees about the deadline and encourage them to use accrued leave.
  • Prepare for Carer’s Leave: Stay informed about the scheme’s details and implementation date. Adapt your leave policies accordingly.

Final Note:

Remember, these changes are all about ensuring fairer, more predictable holiday rights for British workers. Embrace the adjustments, communicate openly with your employer or employees, and enjoy the well-deserved breaks that come your way!

Additional Resources:

Happy sailing through the updated holiday landscape!

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